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Review by Carolyn Melvin

Sue Grafton is another author I admire. I’ve read every one of her alphabet books and was very much looking forward to reading the newest, X.

In this latest installment, private investigator, Kinsy Millhone, has several cases that are demanding her attention.  She is approached by a wealthy woman named Hallie Battencourt to find her son, Christian Satterfield, who has just been released from prison. It was supposed to be an easy job, but Kinsey discovers that Hallie was lying, and Kinsey gets involved in a domestic dispute. At the same time, Ruth, the widow of Pete Wolinsky, a private eye with whom Kinsey once worked, hires Kinsey to sort through her late husband’s files, since the IRS is threatening an audit. Kinsey soon discovers new information that opens up a series of events from the past. The third case involves Kinsey’s landlord Henry Pitts’ new retired, elderly neighbors, Joseph and Edna. While Henry takes them at face value, Kinsey finds them supremely annoying and becomes suspicious of their motives as she looks further into their background.

Beautifully constructed and well written, X is a satisfying, if somewhat slow, read. Sue Grafton still delivers, and I anxiously await the last two novels in the series.


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