0We enjoyed  a great time with local writing guru Nita Sweeney. Not only did she share about her vast life experiences, from living in New Mexico and being discipled by author Natalie Goldberg to working as a lawyer for ten years, but she also passed along various tips for the writing life. One way Nita manages to be productive is by committing to writing intervals. She started by setting a timer for ten minutes, a length that wasn’t intimidating or too demanding. She found that once she started, the writing flowed well beyond the ding of the egg timer. One concern that writers often grumble over is having enough time to write in the go-rush-run style of everyday life. When Nita talked about taking care of her ailing mother, Nita said she forced herself to learn how to write during all the hours she spent at the hospital and in doctor’s offices, waiting on appointments. With sound-blocking headphones, and her mother peeking at her laptop screen to keep her accountable, Nita was able to use that time for writing and even looked forward to having that dedicated time. Meditation, mind mapping, and setting writing goals with fellow writing pals have also been instrumental for her. Having completed NaNo over the last several years, Nita has plenty of memoirs and manuscripts she plans to polish and shop in the near future. We can’t thank Nita enough for coming and encouraging us to “continue under all circumstances”.

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3 comments on “March Meeting Re-Cap: Nita Sweeney”

  1. It’s always good to see how other writers practice. Nita was fun, laid back, and had a lot of good advice. Am looking forward to seeing her memoir . . . keep us updated Nita!

  2. I always learn something new whenever I hear Nita present. Of course, she didn’t disappoint. Everyone can appreciate her ‘Continue Under All Circumstances’ motto, and she’s been through enough to have put that into practice. No doubt her memoir and other writings will be spectacular.

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