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Thank you for joining us at our annual Holiday Luncheon on Saturday, December 12th at the Rusty Bucket in New Albany.  It was great to see old friends and meet wonderful new ones!

Along with great food and fabulous company, we were a part of the “Wright Family Book Exchange”.  Then came the our story contest.

The contest consisted of writing a story of 100 words or less using the following (5) words:  elf, hoof, pen, froze and blood.  EVERYBODY WHO SUBMITS AN ENTRY WILL RECEIVE A PRIZE OF DUBIOUS VALUE (and the better the writing, the dubious-er the prize).

Here are the entries of the brave souls:

Submission #1:

Not a Creature was Stirring

By: Connie Campbell Berry

“Watch your step, “Sgt. Rudolf said unnecessarily. He’d arrived at the crime scene at dawn. Now, at nine, Lt. Donner breezed in like a man who had places to go. He probably did. Christmas morning.

Donner froze.

Five bodies lay sprawled in front of the still-lit tree. Blood and glitter were everywhere.

“Nicolas family,” Rudolf said, “Mom, Dad, kiddies. No weapons. Doors and windows locked from the inside.”

“Outside?” Donner pulled a notebook and pen from his pocket.

“Not even a hoof print.” Rudolf barked a laugh. “We checked the roof.”

The elf on the shelf chuckled behind his plastic smile and slid the knife up his red felt sleeve.

Submission #2:

By: Gwynyth Lozier Mislin

My uncles, Nikki and Fred, were both obsessed with preparations for Christmas. Uncle Fred’s masterpiece was his pork blood sausage, but it was understood that, if necessary, he would appropriate any mammal on hoof or paw.

“Blood is blood, “ he liked to say.

Onions, sauerkraut, potatoes, and think dangerous-looking mustard were on tables set in the barn for his Christmas Eve dinner. Uncle Nikki ate quickly, for too soon we would hear steps crunching the frozen ground outside. Opening the door, an elf would call in; “Time to go!” and Uncle Nikki would lumber off while we ate on.

Both of whom won the dubious award.  Gwynyth won the Edgar Allen Poe Air Freshener scented with “Poe-pourri.” and Connie received the Shakespeare Air Freshener.   How sweet smelling they are!








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