Hey, welcome! After a lot of hard work involving prodigious amounts of typing, coding, meeting, crying, screaming, breaking things, sleeping, procrastinating, forgetting about, remembering again, and making virginal sacrifices to the writing gods (you work your way, we’ll work our way), the new website for the Columbus Ohio chapter of Sisters In Crime (a.k.a., SICCO) is now finally underway. So welcome to the first of many blog posts dedicated to the craft of writing. A site that occasionally uses big fancy words in support of the erudition (there’s one!) of fiction, and by way of common fellowship with other literary congregants (there’s another!) we hope to encourage you in your quest to finish that mystery, thriller, cozy, police procedural, or pretty much damn near whatever else you might be working on. Because our mandate is simple: we want to make your writing gooder better.

So come to this site frequently. To be included in the near future will be book reviews, literary advice, information about upcoming meetings and events, stuff about publishing (agents and going solo), trends in fiction, and whatever else floats our boat at the moment. As things progress we’ll probably start to refine topics to match the tastes of our readers, so don’t be afraid to comment. Typical rules apply; just keep it cool and writerly. And the great thing is . . . it’s absolutely free! No dinero! If you’re checking us out and are not ready for a commitment, not a problem. Already have a full dance card? Fuggedaboutit. Or if you’re just plain shy, that’s abso-freaking-lutely fine. But if sometime in the future you’d like to check out one of our monthly meetings, please stop on by (see the ‘Events’ section of the site for details). And if, by some strange quirk you decide to become a member, head on over to the ‘Membership’ section of the site for more info. But otherwise, please peruse this site at your leisure, and if you like it bookmark it, include it in a ‘favorites’ folder or set our icon right on your monitor screen for easy access. And if you do this, we promise to make every effort to be ebullient and perspicuous (two more big fancy words!).

So again, welcome aboard and hope this helps in your writing endeavors. We’re a wide variety of people, ranging from former NYT bestselling authors to folks still hammering out their first manuscripts. But since writing is often a monastic pursuit, sometimes it helps just to have other people of like minds around to share the pain. So kick back, chill and visit for awhile. Stay tuned.


By: Patrick Stuart; 2015 SICCO President




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