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    When is out next event? Who is our next speaker?
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In the immortal words of Austin Powers; yeah, baby!  It’s time for the annual SICCO holiday event.  Come in and join us for the last gathering for 2017, where we’ll eat, drink, and be hairy (har).  We’ll revel in the exemplary successes of 2017, bathe in the glow of upcoming events, and nominate new suckers board members for 2018.  The only requirement for all attendees:  bring a wrapped book to trade with another member as part of Ms. Carolyn’s annual Right/Left storytelling funfest (if you’re curious, you’ll have to show up to find out).  And there’s no charge, but everyone will be paying for their own meals.  Members, infrequent attendees, or people just tire-kicking the Columbus writing scene and looking for a good support group, all are welcome.  If possible though, just email a quick response to siccowriters(AT)gmail(DOT)com so we know how many to expect.  So take a break from the holiday madness and hang with some fellow sadists writers in the spirit of mutual commiseration and/or group therapy.  See you there!


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