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    When is out next event? Who is our next speaker?
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It’s the love month.   As in, we love writing.  We love it so much that our board president sometimes frolics in the snow wearing nothing but boxer shorts with little ravens and Edgar Allan Poe faces on them (this may or may not be true).  We love it so much that board member extraordinaire Connie Campbell Berry has written us a fantastic blog entry on critique groups (this is true, check it out).  And, we love it so much that we’re having a critique group meeting in February (also true).  The process is as follows:

  • Submit up to (10) pages (if that cuts in the middle of a scene, feel free to submit a little more . . . just don’t go crazy).
  • Submittal date: 2/10/18; send to siccowritersATgmailDOTcom (please send as a Word or PDF attachment; Word is good as it allows for written comments).
  • Critique group meeting: Saturday, 2/17/18, from 12:30 – 3:00 at Bexley Library (tech classroom).  Lunch afterwards at the Rusty Bucket.

Here’s how it works:  all participants submit part of a manuscript.  Then, we email the submittals to every participant.  And on the aforementioned date, everyone gathers and discusses each submittal.  What works, what doesn’t, how to improve the fundamentals of plot, character, dialogue, point-of-view, tone, etc..  Please note:  only paid members should submit work.  Non-paid attendees, however, are certainly encouraged to sit in and check us out.  Or if you want to become a paid member and submit, please contact us at the email above for details.  But if you just want to see the president frolic in his boxer shorts . . . that’s an additional fee (this may or may not be true).  In the meantime, keep writing.


You can also find us on our SiCCO Facebook Page!